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Employment for Entrepreneurship


I attract high-performing women in service-based occupations experien-cing crossroad decisions, to move from employment to entrepreneurship. I coach them to move roadblocks and build roadmaps to create paths to achieve professional, financial, and personal freedom and fulfillment. 


You may be experiencing a standstill between a desire for personal change, resisting the reality and reluctant to make the move for it. The symptoms are evident:

You feel "stuck" with one foot in the door and one foot out the door? Restless? Risk-Intolerant? Rationalize discontent and discomfort? Feel underutilized, unappreciated, unconnected, underpaid and unrewarded? Experiencing a slow simmering anger as each day passes by? 

You have the potential and power to treat the symptoms for long-term results. Let me share a ToolkitRoadmap and Compass to clear the paths to achieve it. 

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