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Employment for Entrepreneurship


I attract service-based high-performing women Entrepreneurs and Executives, at mid-life crossroad decisions, to move roadblocks and build roadmaps to maximize potential for professional advancement, financial enhancement, and personal contentment. 


You may be experiencing the five-to-seven-year itch, conflicted between desire for personal change, and reluctance to make the move for it. The itch starts about three to five years into the professional journey, then gets progressively uncomfortable. The symptoms are evident.

Do you feel "stuck" like you have one foot in the door and one foot out the door? Restless? Resistant to change? Risk-Resistant? Rationalize discontent and discomfort? Feel underutilized, unappreciated, unconnected, underpaid and unrewarded? Experiencing a slow simmering anger as each day passes by? 

You have the potential and power to be the Creator of Life Choices and Owner of Life Changes to treat the symptoms for long-term results. Let me share a ToolkitRoadmap and Compass to clear the paths to achieve it. 




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