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Roadblock to Roadmap




Do you feel . . . "stuck"?

As if you have one foot in the door and one foot out the door?

Restless, unappreciated, underpaid and unrewarded?

Experiencing a slow simmering anger as each day passes because you're afraid to take action for a change? 

How do I know? I know the signs because I internally struggled with these conditions in my life.

I frequently gasped for air feeling like I was strangling. 
I just became skilled at cover-up and rationalizing the reasons to dwell in these unhealthy conditions.

I didn't know the risks, but I did know that I felt sick, inadequate, ashamed, and even foolish at times, living in denial of the asymptomatic signs in my head, heart and soul. 

So, I QUIT!  

I left my Federal Government career as a senior level Human Resources policy expert at the United States Pentagon.
I hit my head one too many times on the "glass ceiling." I got tired of selling myself short and settling for less than I deserved.

Really, I am NOT kidding. I gave a letter of resignation to leave good pay, comprehensive benefits and 16.5 years of highly commendable federal service. The stroke of a pen put an end to the direct deposit, daily nine-to-five grind, and developing discontent. The transition meant taking the challenge and having the courage to move from employment to entrepreneurship, certainty to uncertainty, and security to insecurity. The new journey had its share of challenges, yet, that big bold first step set me on a new path to move barriers I allowed to hold me back and wreak havoc in other areas of my life.

Scenario sound familiar?

If you've answered yes to any of the symptoms, you may be experiencing the uncomfortable itch where you are in conflict between a desire for personal change and a reluctance to make a pivotal life change.

Only 22% of entrepreneurs have mentors when they
start their businesses.


The itch gets progressively more uncomfortable when you don't take action!

What symptoms are you living with in denial and discomfort to what you really desire and deserve?

Are you enabling unhealthy conditions to persist and block your success?



70% of coachees improve work performance,
relationships, and communication.


Coach - Brenda Quote.JPG

COACH Brenda is here!


I get it! Nothing changes until something changes, right?

For some of you five years will (or has) become seven or ten or fifteen years and counting. It's hard to move beyond excuse, doubt, uncertainty, self-judgment, lack of confidence and a scarcity mindset. Let's not forget FEAR.


Do you ever feel this way?

The greatest lesson to break these strongholds is become aware and accept ownership for them, then honor yourself to put in the self-work to take actions to move beyond them.

There's no reason to suffer pandemic panic and paralysis! It's YOUR time to move some roadblocks to create personal choices and changes to restore a full life.

Imagine having the power tools to create what you want? You don't have to concede to life circumstances.


That feels empowering, energizing, and exciting, doesn't it?

Well, I have the KEYS to unlock that potential for YOU!

The work begins when you STOP and START to look within
yourself; when you envision yourself for all you can

BE, DO and HAVE.

Thank you so much to my amazing life coach Brenda Small.
She gave me the tools to pull me out of my stuckiness.

Crystal E



On the other side of being stuck you will begin to explore the highest possibilities for all areas of your life. 

IMAGINE being able to have the freedom to explore possibilities with an open mind, candid creativity, and enormous energy
and enthusiasm?

The interactive coach program will help you explore the answer. You will:

1. Get comfortable asking the tough questions to reveal your Truths.
2. Gain the tools to help you uncover solutions to your greatest challenges, issues, concerns, and decisions.
3. Gather the insights necessary to put you in the driver's seat with the courage to pursue your potential on fast
4. Grant permission to create a roadmap defining the steps, actions, and timelines to implement the transition to a
fulfilled life.

I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, business, and career professionals to professional advancement, financial
enhancement, and a lifelong investment with moving beyond limiting beliefs and recognizing their powerful potential.

One in six entrepreneurs turns to coaching to improve their performance.



I learned that must jump in completely, invest in
yourself and your education, and put in hard work. You
modeled it, encouraged it and demanded it

REALTOR® Entrepreneur Marty Hosking

REALTOR® Entrepreneur Marty Hosking

Brenda Small is the consummate mentor. ... Brenda guided
me through every step of the intricate process....She never
left my side throughout, yet was very intentional at letting
me take the lead in the agent/client process so that I would
learn for myself. She was a true coach; always encouraging
and making valuable suggestions. She continues to
challenge me to aspire to achieve greater results through my
performance as an agent.


REALTOR® Entrepreneur Felicia Meier

92% of small business owners agree mentors have a
direct impact on their growth and the chances for their businesses to survive.


Brenda is well known for her professional devotion to those she serves, emphasis on
personal excellence, and compassion, commitment, and care for personal and
business growth, development and success.

Speaker, Coach, Author, Dr. Cheryl Wood

80% of coaching clients say that they improved their self-esteem or self-confidence thanks to coaching.



1. Awareness: Getting to know yourself
2. Acceptance: Growing to respect, stretch and trust yourself
3. Action: Learning to like, love, and live for yourself

The Powered with Potential signature method is the process I developed to use with clients to help them break through their
roadblocks and create the roadmap to desired destinations with the freedom to choose and explore alternative stops along
the way.

It's time to make your move and stop waiting at the Crossroad. I am here to support you on your journey.



Schedule LIVE Coach Sessions


Identify and


Create Action Steps for

Coach Session I
Program Overview

Coach Session II Pre-Assessment

Coach Session III Awareness (Getting to Know Yourself)

Coach Session IV Acceptance (Growing to Respect, Stretch
Trust Yourself)

Coach Session V Action (Learning to
Like, Love, Live for Yourself)

Coach Session VI Post-Assessment
Target Action

Coach Session VII Self-Evaluation
Next Steps

Program Survey

Client Care Program



Roadblock to Roadmap

14 Weeks -7-LIVE Coach Sessions - 6-Self-Study Assignments - 5 Step Process

Copyright 2021 Brenda Small. All rights reserved

Program Purpose: This is a 14 week, one-to-one intensive and interactive coaching program designed to guide you in
identifying and exploring how to move beyond the Crossroad to resolve a challenge, issue, or problem area. You will meet and
unlock your greatest potential to create new choices, choose new paths, and change directions in your life with confidence
and courage.

Program Process: The Coach Xperience is a 5-step process that will occur over the 14-week period:

1) Program Overview and Pre-Assessment, 2) Awareness (Getting to Know Yourself), 3) Acceptance (Growing to Respect,
Stretch, and Trust Yourself), 4) Action (Learning to Like, Love, Live for Yourself), 5) Post-Assessment (Roadmap/Action Plan).

Program Peaks: Actionable Results! Pathways created to: Mindset Shift! Manage Expectations! Move Roadblocks!
Measure Outcomes!

Program Perks: Written Individual Summary Progress Report and Recommendations. Taped session replays. Strategic Target Action Roadmap (STAR). Complimentary autographed copy of Powered with Potential: Ignite Your Inner Dynamic – 30 DAY Plan to Create the Best You.

When you join Turning Point Xperience you gain access to:

  • Seven (7) 60 Minute LIVE 1:1 Sessions with Certified Life Coach Brenda C. Small.

  • Six (6) Guided Instruction Self Study Assignments.

  • Seventy-five (75) day extended Life Coach access after program conclusion.

  • Private Facebook Community.





(Strategies, Techniques, Tactics)

(Action Steps and Timelines)


(Coach and Guiding Light)





Payment Options

Brenda has deep expertise and it shows with over 20 years
of entrepreneurial, leadership, and business experience. The
women were moved by her transparency, thought-provoking
questions and the relevancy of her personal experiences to
their lives and businesses.

Owner of MAB Virtual Solutions, LLC, Monica A. Bounds


Coaching clients report that they improve relationships
(73%), communication skills (72%), interpersonal skills (71%),
work performance (70%), work/life balance (67%), and
wellness (63%) thanks to coaching.



Brenda is a Certified Life and Christian Coach. Real Estate
experience coaching business professionals and entrepreneurs serves her well in the life transformational coaching services. 

She is a graduate of the Doreen Rainey Radical Success
Institute Coach Certification and HIScoach Academy for
Christian Life Coach Certification.

Executive coaching helps women improve their
performance, satisfaction, and well-being.

International Journal of Evidence
Based Coaching and Mentoring


  • Why do I need a Life Coach?
    The Life Coach is your personal confidante and facilitator to help you work through challenges in various areas of your life: business, career, performance, productivity, personal development, work-life equity, relationships, and more. The process is more objective, effective and efficient than Do-it-Yourself (DIY). The Life Coach has reliable resources, tools and techniques to share in obtaining desired results.
  • How do I know Life Coaching is right for me?
    Life Coaching is for anyone who desires to transition from where they are to where they desire to be in a specific area of life, however, will benefit from experienced coach guidance, facilitation and support to do so. You may be feeling stuck or stagnant or stressed or stretched or simply falling short in one or more areas without successful resolution. If these situations and similar ones are familiar, then life coaching may be a promising fit.
  • Do I get personal coaching time with Brenda?
    Yes, it’s all private work with Brenda.
  • How long is the experience?
    There are 7 one-to-one LIVE coach sessions in this Turning Point Xperience. Each LIVE session is scheduled every other week. You will have 75-day access to the Coach and the live video and/or audio content at the program conclusion.
  • What result can I expect from this experience?
    Coaching will facilitate key choices, decisions, and actions you will implement with clarity, confidence, and consistency to bring the desires to reality. Brenda coaches you step by step through the process of evolving into the next level of your success by showing you how to create a roadmap that moves you from stuck to freedom of choice and life change.
  • What will I gain from the experience?
    You can expect to gain a higher level of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-initiated action for creating desired life changes and sustain the breakthrough experience with adjustment in mindset, habits and behavior. Tools and techniques are shared for ongoing action, assessment, and accountability of client progress and achievement. Life-changing long-term impact is desired for the client in the challenge area(s).

68% of individuals who hired coaches were able to make back their investment. Those who make a financial gain on their coaching can on average expect 3.44 times the amount spent.

2009 ICF Global Coaching Study

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