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Meet Brenda

Circumstances are a reality, not a destiny

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

Imagine a little girl eight or nine walking to elementary school dragging her feet… so the other children do not see the holes in the soles of her worn shoes. Imagine the cardboard inside to cover the holes so her feet do not touch the ground.  Do you see her? Feel her shame? Eldest 10 siblings! Welfare! Food Stamps! Teen pregnancy! The little girl carries a heavy bag filled with responsibility, inadequacy, self-doubt, judgement, guilt, little worth, financial lack, struggle, and fear of loss, a few of the packed items.

Well, I’ve come a long way from financial lack to successful leadership, I thought. I didn’t realize how heavy the little girl 's bag was until I had to drag it through childhood into adulthood. Yes, I was successful on the outside and emotionally stuck on the inside.


In January 2020, I became really stuck and knew I needed the support of a Life Coach and hired one. During a session with Coach John, I was sharing the story of the little girl that walks with me every day, a reminder of the financial lack, limitations and negative things in my past. As I was talking about her with blame and shame, coach pointedly asked: “Do you hate her?” His question was so abrupt, words so stark and straightforward, they stunned me. I recall immediately responding defensively, “No, I don’t hate her!” Coach John looks me in the eyes with a piercing, yet calm stare and gently says, “Then tell her you love her, you’re sorry, it’s not her fault, she didn’t know any better.”


That roadblock moving moment redirected my focus and ability to change how I viewed the little girl, in reality myself. I let the heavy bag drop to breathe. 7 simple words, “I don’t hate you. I love you” unlocked a life transforming experience. I did apologize and say aloud "I LOVE YOU!" The burdensome little girl walking beside me, now, is a valued companion. She guides. grounds and humbles me every day. 


What story are you living that blocks you from creating professional advancement, career change, personal progress, spiritual peace, a wholesome lifestyle, financial freedom, and anything you desire?  What reality star role does the little girl in your story portray? Why?

I didn't know better than to believe I had no money to pay a coach, when barely making ends meet. So, I did carry the heavy bag alone instead of sharing the load during the not-so-distant past in my journey. I realize I was living a self-fulfilling prophecy: sabotaging myself and repelling success. I had roadblocks in the way, invisible to me at the time. Today, that's why I carefully help women unpack the heavy bags weighing them down to lighten the load! 

I coach YOU to explore and experience your unlimited potential. Together, we can create a Strategic Target Action Roadmap (S.T.A.R.).    

Let's Do IT!


Potentially yours,


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