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Q & A's

Why choose COACH Brenda? 


I am a Certified Life Coach with proven results.  I know how it feels to be without a trusted and respected coach to challenge me and affirm my ability and potential to create desired changes in life. I realize it’s not necessary to go it alone seeking solutions without coaching support.

I understand the power of coaching lies in the strength of the caring bond between myself and my clients and I treat that with the utmost respect. I also unconditionally will accept you just as you are; where you are; and with the conditions that you bring initially to the process.

I see every interaction with a client as a sacred opportunity to serve and I do not take that lightly. 

What can I gain from Coaching?

Clients can expect to gain a higher level of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-initiated action for creating the desired life changes. Tools and techniques are shared for ongoing action, assessment, and accountability of client progress and achievement. Life-changing long-term impact is desired for reframing habits, behaviors and mindset in the challenge area(s).

Who is Life Coaching for?


Life Coaching is for YOU if you desire to transition from where you are to where you desire to be in a specific area of life AND will benefit from experienced support. YOU may be feeling stuck, stagnant, stressed, stretched or simply falling short in one or more areas without successful resolution. YOU may be going through a major transition or significant change. YOU may have a failing business requiring restart and need a tune-up first. YOU may be holding back with excuses rather than considering life options and choices for positive change. Self-doubt has you pinned down struggling to regain self-confidence. Fear of financial and lifestyle instability prevents you from moving from employment to entrepreneurship. Becoming an unexpected caregiver for a family member may disrupt your personal aspirations and pursuit of dreams causing an apathetic attitude. If any of these situations and similar ones are familiar, then life coaching may be a promising fit. It's all about YOU!


Is Life Coaching right for me?


You will have the opportunity to discuss an issue or area blocking your desire for significant change and the challenge to achieve it. An Introductory Discovery Xperience is suggested to determine if your needs match my approach and style. I will only accept you as a formal client if I believe I can help you achieve the results you want in the specific area identified, believe you will put in the work and time commitment to achieve that, and believe we will both benefit from the experience.


How do you deliver Life Coaching?


A limited number of individual one-on-one private clients are accepted for coaching at any one time to ensure adequate dedicated time for client scheduling and coaching performance sessions.

Individual Personal Coaching programs are available in five - seven- and fourteen-week sessions. 


VIP Executive half-day (4.5 hour) and full-day (7.5 hour) premium private coaching is available.

Strategic Vision 3-in-1 Experience three-hour interactive discussion to proactively create a business, personal, financial or professional plan to bring the vision to reality. 

Coaching delivery platforms include virtual, in-person and teleconference options. COVID-19 recommended protocols will be followed for in-person meetings and on-site events. Center for Disease Control guidelines will be adhered to.


Contact to discuss your personal needs and preferences.

Do you offer group coaching?


Yes. Group coaching experiences are offered. Contact for current program offerings and to request custom designed experiences for your particular group.

Master Talk, Master Mind and Master Class experiences periodically are offered. These experiences are a good way to get to know me in a group setting. You also can experience more about my work from my tips, newsletters, blog, and social media posts.

What does a Life Coaching experience cost?

Your investment will depend on whether you choose private one-on-one or group coaching experience, as well as other factors such as the length and format of the coaching program. Investments are paid in full in advance of coaching experiences. For more information about fees, contact

How do I get started?


The next step is to schedule your Introductory Discovery Xperience, "Passport to Pathways" and pay the investment fee.


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