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“You can’t master your future if you’re still a slave to your past”


Author Unknown

Saved from Self-Sabotage; Revived for Self-Renewal! 

It all started with a tear…

Brenda’s first book, Powered with Potential: Ignite Your Inner Dynamic – 30 Day Guide to Create the Best You, is a carefully crafted roadmap to begin your self-renewal journey in search of powerful potential wandering within you seeking a way out. It is a real and rare opportunity to reintroduce yourself to the world and realize all life offers, if you’re ready to go after it.


Learn how to turn pain points to power points. It is easy to subconsciously sabotage the very potential that can turn our daily realities into creating life possibilities. It is easy to throw our hands up in defeat and concede to our limited belief, discontent, and overwhelm. It is interesting to simultaneously unknowingly and willingly grant permission to the subtleties of living with pain points; comfortable being uncomfortable until we get uncomfortable being comfortable.


There are expressions of transparency, vulnerability, and susceptibility to mistakes, messes and monumental moments. Let the tools, strategies, and wisdom from these lessons guide your internal “wake-up” process to take ACTion from the inside out. It’s not an easy lift, yet the load gets lighter the deeper you dig. 

Have a look inside to begin the 30-day, three phase discovery process: Awareness, Acceptance and Action. Turn your wilderness into wondrous potential to create choice, make change, and cultivate the chance to fulfill life desires. 


Washington Area Women’s Foundation (WAWF) helps build pathways out of poverty for women and their families. A twenty percent (20%) portion of each book purchase is donated to WAWF.

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