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Circumstances are a reality, not a destiny."

Imagine a little girl eight or nine years walking to elementary school dragging her feet… so the other children did not see the holes in the soles of her worn shoes. Imagine the cardboard inside to cover the holes so her feet did not touch the ground.  Do you see her? Feel her shame? Acknowledge her pain? Welfare! Food Stamps! The little girl is the burden I dragged along, with her heavy belongings for most of my childhood and adult-life; the inadequacy, self-doubt, judgement, lack of self-worth, financial lack and struggle, and misdirected romantic relationships for love and affection, to name a few items in her overpacked bag.

Well, I’ve come a long way from financial lack to successful leadership, so I thought. I didn’t realize how heavy the little girl was until I got stuck again and again making that journey. Yes, I was successful on the outside and emotionally stuck on the inside. I mean really stuck this time, and knew I needed the support of a Life Coach. So, I hired a Life Coach referred by a friend. During a session with Coach John, I was sharing the story of the little girl, how she travels with me every day, and is a reminder of all the limitations and negative things in my life. As I was referring to her in terms associated with blame and shame, my coach pointedly asked: “Do you hate her?” His question was so abrupt; the words so stark and straightforward they stunned me. I recall immediately responding defensively, “No, I don’t hate her!” Coach John looks me in the eyes with a piercing, yet calm stare and gently says, “Then tell her you love her, you’re sorry, it’s not her fault, she didn’t know any better.” That barrier breakthrough moment redirected and channeled my energy to change how I viewed myself and life experiences. I was aghast how those simple words, “I don’t hate you. I love you” unlocked a new perspective and life transforming experience. I did apologize aloud to her and tell her I loved her. That little girl was a perceived vulnerability. Now, she is a valued companion that guides and guards me wherever we go, keeping me grounded and humbled for the new awakening that occurred. Magically, the bottle-neck was open and there came a flow of unexpected opportunities and possibilities previously held in abeyance.

What story are you living that holds you back from creating the professional advancement, career change, personal shift, loving relationship, spiritual peace, healthy lifestyle, financial abundance, and in essence anything and everything you desire?  What role does the little girl in your story portray?

I know it can feel frustrating and lonely without a trusted professional guide to navigate the winding paths to create solutions to life problems, challenges, and circumstances. I did not know better than to forego a coach during those former phases of my personal and professional journey, so I carried the barriers (limitations) forward into later years.  I had to figure out most things on my own until I got stuck behind them.  I finally realized I was sabotaging and repelling greater success allowing those internal barriers to block the way forward. As a result, I carefully and candidly help women like me turn the pain points to power points and create life choices and make life changes to become their best selves. “When you know better, you do better.” Author Maya Angelou

That is why I am passionate about exciting, enlightening, equipping, and empowering women entrepreneurs and executives to live up to the unlimited possibilities their potential offers. I coach you to create alternative choices and make sustainable life changes. Let’s explore together what we can create!  


Powerfully yours,


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