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1:1 Life Coach Program - 7 weeks

Turning Point Xperience: Roadblock to Roadmap

  • 1 h
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  • Online Video or Teleconference Call

Service Description

Program Purpose. Are you at a Crossroads in professional life where you have met some of your goals and aspirations, now feel "stuck" between start and what's next? What's holding you back from moving to the next point. Let's explore the roadblocks in your path. Gain tools to create a roadmap defining the steps, actions, and timelines to put you back in transition. The 7-week coach program is an interactive and condensed version of the 14-week program. Program Process and Strategy. 7-LIVE Coach Experiences - 6-Self Study Assignments. The Xperience is a one-to-one private intensive coaching program designed to engage the Client to identify and explore how to resolve a challenge, issue, or problem area with the help of a Life Coach. The Xperience is a 5-step process: 1) Program Overview and Pre-Assessment, 2) Awareness (Getting to Know Yourself), 3) Acceptance (Growing to Respect, Stretch, and Trust Yourself), 4) Action (Learning to Like, Love, Live for Yourself), 5) Post-Assessment (Roadmap/Action Plan). The coaching delivery method may be 1) LIVE via ZOOM Meeting or 2) Teleconference Call. Program Peaks: Actionable Results! Pathways created to: Mindset Shift! Manage Expectations! Move Roadblocks! Measure Outcomes! Program Perks: Written Individual Summary Progress Report and Recommendations. Taped session replays available for 30 days. 30-day access to coach includes via email and up to two 25-minute video and/or phone meetings. Strategic Target Action Roadmap (STAR). Complimentary autographed copy of Powered with Potential: Ignite Your Inner Dynamic – 30- DAY Guide to Create the Best You.

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