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I'm taking off my mask...

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

I am struggling with this pandemic… of apprehension on the part of many primed and ready educated, experienced, and exceptionally skilled women business professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives to miss the opportune time to move forward and STOP settling because you are reluctant to make a choice, create a change, and take a chance on yourself. You may be professionally limited, financially cramped, and personally unfulfilled, stunting growth and ability to progress. You may discount and deny the importance of wellness in all areas of life. Perhaps, you rationalize the discomfort of the symptoms: restless, ready to shift, reluctant to move, resistant to change, and roadblocks in the way.

How do I know? I know the signs because I breathed in, internally struggled with, and lived in these conditions for more than five years of my professional life. Well to be transparent, the symptoms existed long before then, as I frequently did gasp for air feeling like I was strangling. I just became good at cover up (before face masks were a fashion statement) and rationalizing the reasons to dwell in these unhealthy conditions. I didn’t know the risks, but I did know these symptoms made me feel sick, inadequate, incomplete, ashamed, and even foolish at times living in denial of the asymptomatic signs in my head, heart, and soul.

So, finally I QUIT! Really, I am NOT kiddin’. I gave a letter of resignation to leave 16 ½ years of federal service. The stroke of a pen put an end to the direct deposit, daily nine-to-five grind, desperation and discontent I felt. The transition meant taking the challenge and having the courage to move from employment to entrepreneurship, certainty to uncertainty, and security to insecurity. The new journey brings its share of challenges, yet, that big bold first step set me on a new path to move barriers I allowed to hold me back and wreak havoc in other areas of my life. Whew! What a relief it is to let go.

Scenario sound familiar?

What symptoms are you living with in denial and discomfort of what you really desire and deserve? Are you enabling unhealthy conditions to persist and block your healing?

- Glass ceilings are tough to crack; your head hurts; AND your behind. Recall the saying: “A hard head makes a soft behind.”

- Living paycheck to paycheck is crippling and hard to walk away from regardless how many commas and zeroes.

- Financially starving (I mean literally) is not fulfilling or fun.

- Occasional upward mobility progress and promotions are temporary satisfiers.

- Token awards/recognitions may seem like full-course 5*meals and are only appetizers.

With all that said, I get it! Nothing changes until something changes, right?

I stood at the crossroads, looking left, then right, and peering behind like a child making sure the street was clear before crossing. Okay, I am a slow crosser after five+ years to make a drastic choice to change my course in life.

For some of you five years will (or has) become seven or ten or fifteen years and counting. I will be the first to admit, it is hard to move beyond excuse, overwhelm, doubt, uncertainty, self-judgment, and a scarcity mindset, just to name a few conditions. Oh, let’s not forget FEAR. Have you ever felt this way?

The head trash is real. I will say, the greatest lesson applied to break these mindset holds, was honoring myself to become aware and accept ownership of them, then put in the work to take actions to move beyond them.

What symptoms are you experiencing to make you not feel well? There’s no good reason to suffer with pandemic panic and paralysis! It may be YOUR time to first move invisible barriers to create professional, financial, and personal choices and changes to restore a full life.

How? Imagine having the power tools to create what you want; not concede to life circumstances. That feels empowering, energizing, and exciting, doesn’t it?

I want to share how you can be renewed and revived to create a similar reality. Let’s talk!

Open Your Gifts, Unwrap Your Potential!

Powerfully yours,


Chief Executive Creator

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