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Episode 1 - Do I need a Therapist or ...?

In January 2020, I was all into my feelings. I knew things were not right. I felt depressed,

irritable, apathetic, at a standstill... Granted, I tried to dismiss it as post-holiday blues, relationship loneliness, wintertime boredom, new year back-to-it anxiety, reflective longing for what I did not have and had not accomplished. Yet, I could not shake the "feelings" and move forward in a meaningful, productive way. This was sooo... unlike my character; I knew something felt different this time. I knew I had to seek HELP!

Listen to what I mean ... Here's the content of an email I wrote to a trusted friend and colleague to confide about what I was experiencing:

"I feel a sense of void in relevancy and purpose in this season of my life, lacking self-fulfillment, disconnected, lots of loose ends, no closure (or maybe there is and i refuse to accept and acknowledge). I feel as if I've always done what is most expedient for the short-term survival (personal, professional, financial) to circumvent fear of loss and lack in my life. I realize that created a behavioral pattern where the longer-term impact and solutions for accomplishments and achievements desired were sacrificed. I am mentally stuck and need someone to help facilitate me through this transition period, to gain clarity and alignment with what I do really desire and decide actions necessary to design a path and direction forward to manifest it."

And then I ...

To be continued... Stay tuned for Episode 2, Time to Refuel: Running on Empty

Create your BEST life,


Chief Executive Creator

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