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Episode 3: Do I need a Therapist or ...?

Time to Refuel: Move the needle

In Episode 2, I was running on empty, literally on fumes. "Stuck" at a crossroads with a flashing red light. I knew I needed a push to move the needle.

So, I began four basic steps of personal #selfcare to move the mental barriers and blockage. #1. Allow the mind to retreat and relax while I rest into the flow of the blockage. Pushing against the flow is like swimming upstream moving against the current and getting sucked into it. I set aside quiet time to reflect on my feelings and why I was creating them. Most of us are used to constant noise, distraction and movement, we fear silence. Think I'm kidding? Try sitting through a conversation with a girlfriend, co-worker or client for only 30 seconds without feeling the impulse to interrupt or respond. Quiet time/silence can be cleansing and bring clarity when you slow down.

#2. Journal. Consider journaling as a relaxing mind facial and mask removal. It unclogs the facial pores and opens the body to breathe. I felt the tension and stress relief when I released how I was feeling in writing. It didn't matter about sentence structure, proper grammar, or correct punctuation. I freely wrote what was on my mind, stating truths I was afraid to reveal out loud. Journaling can be done using video or audio, as well, whatever method works best to capture your thoughts. #3. Decide to do something to change the situation or condition. If you don't, who will? "In any moment of decision, the best thing to do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." President Theodore Roosevelt As I began to identify and connect my feelings, the primary pain points became evident. There was a fear of financial lack, personal loss, limitation to succeed, and everyone's favorite, not feeling "good enough" and self-worthy of fulfilling my dreams, goals and desires. Let's face it, we all have those negative, self-defeating thoughts and less than flattering words about ourselves. The question was, what was I going to do with what I know? #4. Just do it! I had begun the self-awareness journey. That was a good start. But some things require more intense time, attention and work than good intentions. I found myself going through these stops and go moments for several years to come. To be honest, #selfwork is always a process and in progress. It was time to seriously "move the needle." Movement builds momentum which turns to action to maintain it. Action creates results!

FAST FORWARD to January 2020!

Stay tuned for Episode 4, The Weekend Breakthrough with J.P.

Create your BEST life,

Brenda Chief Executive Creator Brenda C. Small Coaching Programs

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