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Episode 2 - Do I need a Therapist or ...?

So, I shared in Episode 1, in January 2020, I was mentally weary and all into my feelings. I was standing at a crossroads and staring around like a child at a red stoplight that turned green. Yet, I did not take a step in any direction; looking to the left, to the right, straight ahead, and yes, even behind in the direction from which I had come. It's called the PAST. I could not move. I was STUCK.

Let me provide a backdrop and flashback to April 2015. "I realize I have retreated into my mind, staying to myself, basking in silence, reflecting on disappointments from the PAST, falling into a slump, and feeling sorry for myself. I knew I had so much to be grateful for and accomplishments to be proud of. Yet, the clouds of apathy, resentment, lack of self-worth, and fear of loss blocked my view from visioning a different future picture. I was sick and tired of the "struggle." The low energy physical state happily joined the weary mind to keep me from creating a new life reality." "Misery loves company," as the saying goes.

I admit I was in a mindset funk. Do you ever experience falling into a state of indifference, lack of enthusiasm, interest and concern? It may seem you are going through the motions to get things done in a robotic manner. OR you feel as if you've come to a standstill and question your purpose, value, and impact. OR you may not feel relevant. OR you may wonder whether the work you do, the lives you touch and the person you have become really makes a difference. Frankly, I have questioned these thoughts and more.

The grind for success was pushing me to be a master multi-tasker, constant giver of time, competitor in races I didn't sign up for, and a continuous seeker of MORE, MORE, MORE. The pace was exhausting and pain excruciating to keep up. Ah ha! The reason for my mind and body retreat was revealing itself as a red-light signal, STOP.

Do these conditions resonate with any of you?

I was running on empty, literally on fumes. How full is your fuel tank?


Create your BEST life,


Chief Executive Creator

Brenda C, Small Coaching Programs

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This message content is not intended in any way to diagnose mental conditions or provide medical and therapeutic advice as a substitute for the reader seeking the advice and guidance of licensed health and medical professionals.

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