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Episode 4: Do I need a Therapist or ...?

A date with JP: I gave it up...the weekend breakthrough

Fast forward to January 2020!

I had begun to self-medicate. This means taking things into my own hands to find the answers to my "stuckiness" to use a term from Client Crystal E. If you recall, I did have four initial steps for #selfcare: 1) retreat/relax/rest/roll with the flow, 2) journal, 3) make a decision, and 4) just do it. I knew, even with the best intention, I needed more. Finally, I arranged a date with JP. We had been introduced by a trusted friend and work colleague. JP had thick, dark black/brown curly hair and deep-set eyes to match. He was attentive, a great listener, and an illuminating spirit. Oh, and attractive, may I truthfully share, although married. I was having a conversation about a little girl I knew. JP stared straight into my eyes with his piercing dark eyes, calm stare, lowered voice and gently asked, "Do you hate her?" Whoa...that punch came out of nowhere. I was so taken back, without hesitation, I abruptly said, "NO!" I don't hate her." Then, JP says, "Tell her you love her! You’re sorry. It’s not her fault. She didn’t know any better.” The little girl I was talking about with regret, shame, blame and embarrassment was me. JP's question was so abrupt; words so stark and straightforward, they stunned me or maybe stung me loose from the "stuckiness." I was aghast how 7 simple words, “I don’t hate you. I love you,” unlocked a life transforming experience. I did apologize aloud to tell her I loved her. That little girl was a perceived liability. Now, she is a valued companion that guides, guards, grounds and keeps me humble. The bottleneck was opened and out poured a creative flow of opportunities and possibilities.

YOU can experience a similar freedom

Tune in for Episode 5, The Chance, Choice and Change The Journey Continues - Next Steps

Create your best life,

Brenda Chief Executive Creator Brenda C. Small Coaching Programs

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This message content is not intended in any way to diagnose mental conditions or provide medical and therapeutic advice as a substitute for the reader seeking the advice and guidance of licensed health and medical professionals.

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