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"Stuck" on a rung...keep looking up...grab my hand

Climbing can feel like being on a slippery slope. There's always one thing after another that gets in the way to create doubt, fear and uncertainty about your ability to get ahead, reach the top, make the grade, master your game, hold on, and keep up. How do you maneuver without falling, forsaking gains, and failing? It feels like taking one step forward and three steps back. You know the frustration of feeling as if you can't get ahead in life. Maybe, implementing a new strategy is in order.



I imagine the effort, skill and commitment it takes to push your potential to the next level is like taking up rock climbing to reach the top of the highest mountain. It feels exciting, yet scary, right? It takes courage to traverse unstable mountain terrain, the will to try despite the uncertainty, and the perseverance to continue the climb through expected and unexpected circumstances. Maximizing your potential is incremental, one step at a time. The keys to a successful climb are 1) maintain the momentum, 2) strategize your moves, 3) watch your step, and 4) keep looking up. The higher you climb, the greater the challenge not to look back and to hold on, retain balance, maneuver delicately your feet to land in the right place so that you do not fall, and relax into the thrill of the climb. Focus on each step up. Before you realize it, you’ll be at the top and never look back again. Beginners and experts can use these techniques to strive for mastery of “potential” climbing:

1. Picture yourself on a ladder when you climb, move from one hold to the next as relaxed as if you were ascending the rungs or steps of a ladder.

2. Avoid over gripping holds with your fear and doubt. You will quickly tire your mind and body and put yourself at risk of falling and quitting the climb.

3. Use your feet like you would your hands; keep stepping and pulling up.

4. Trust your truth. You have the strength in your legs to stand in it all day.

5. Trust your ground beneath your feet and focus on climbing. Past experience is the solid rock.

6. Concentrate on what is within reach; then grab hold. Do not overstretch too fast, too soon.

7. Climb from the bottom up, not top down. Think with the end in mind, but don’t focus on it; you’ll get fearful, bewildered and overwhelmed. FOCUS on the climb to avoid distractions and missteps.

8. Practice positioning your mind and body to boost mental stamina and physical endurance.

9. Fear of heights is normal. Climbing is about conquering the fears.

10. Take your time. Climb like a cat does—quiet, deliberate, and precise.

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